THE ROGERS FAMILY FOUNDATION was established in 1957 by Irving E. Rogers and his sons, Irving E. Rogers, Jr. and Allan B. Rogers. As second and third generation owners of the Lawrence (Mass) Eagle Tribune, they sought to create a vehicle by which capital could be invested in those communities that enabled the newspaper to grow and prosper throughout nearly 60 years of family ownership, thereby carrying on the proud tradition of civic responsibility started by the company’s founder, Alexander H. Rogers.

In its infancy, the Rogers Family Foundation played an active role in supporting several key charitable endeavors within the Greater Lawrence area. For example, the Foundation was instrumental in the construction of Methuen’s Holy Family Hospital and in the planning and development of the Lawrence Boys Club. On a smaller, but no the less important scale, the Rogers Family Foundation was always vigilant in its dedication to several area religious and educational institutions, recognizing the importance of core values that make communities stronger and more vibrant.

Due to an unwavering commitment to quality journalism – resulting in two Pulitzer Prizes – and an unparalleled group of employees, The Eagle – Tribune experienced tremendous growth over the next four decades. The Eagle-Tribune Publishing Company would eventually own and operate not only The Eagle-Tribune, but also several other daily and weekly newspapers throughout Massachusetts Essex County and southeastern New Hampshire, including the Salem (MA) News, the Derry (NH) News, the Newburyport (MA)Daily News and the Gloucester (MA) Daily Times. As the company’s circulation area expanded, so did the Foundations philanthropic reach. Remembering the founders intent that the Rogers Family Foundation invest in those communities that support the company’s newspapers, the trustees unanimously decided to entertain proposals from nonprofit organizations located not just within the Greater Lawrence area, but from throughout Essex County and southeastern New Hampshire.

Today, the Foundation serves 23 communities in New Hampshire and 35 communities in Massachusetts. In 2005, the Rogers family made the difficult decision to sell the Eagle-Tribune Publishing Company after 107 years of proud ownership. However, the Rogers Family Foundation wanted to continue to have a presence in these communities and honor the wishes of Irving Rogers and his sons by giving back to a deserving region. We are thrilled to now have six members of the fifth generation serving on the board.

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